Suzi's Signature Web Design Process

Suzi knows the process of building a website can be daunting and overwhelming to her clients. So, she has created a smooth and seamless approach to remove the pain and anxiety from the design production. It’s a partnership and collaboration that unfolds as we work together. These are the general steps we will take to complete your website. If you choose any add-ons, we will modify the steps to fit your business goals. Do you still have questions? Visit the FAQ page.

The Kickoff Meeting

Desinger + Client


  • Come to the meeting with the planning worksheet filled out to the best of your ability.
  • We will find your unique voice and discover what you want for your site and the end goals for your users.
  • We will review the planning worksheet and get questions answered
  • Set objectives for your site.
  • Set a timeline that works for both of us.

Collect Content



  • Gather and send designer:
    – Photography
    – Copy
    – Logos
    – Any other info that is necessary to complete the site.
  • Designer will recommend stock photography sites and assist in photo selections if client would like.

Steps 2 & 3 can be done at the same time.




    Wireframes show the organization and map of your site. It's a necessary step to organize the site structure and understand the user experience.

  • Wireframes includes:
    – Navigation
    – Pages
    – Call to actions

Mood Board



    A Mood Board is a single page file that displays the overall look and feel of your site.
  • Moodboard incudes:
    – Color pallet
    – Graphic elements ie. buttons
    – font selections
    – photography: stock or professional photos

Step 4 begins after steps 2 & 3 are complete.
Then, steps 4 & 5 can be done at the same time.

Setup Accounts



  • Set up domain name account.
  • Set up email account if needed.
  • Set up legal documents like privacy policy and terms of service.
  • Designer will provide any support and recommendations that are needed to complete this step.

Preliminary Site



  • Link hosting with domain name.
  • Set up a coming soon page with contact info, logo, and social media pages.

Step 6 begins after step 5 is complete.

Design & Code



  • This is where the magic happens, and all the planning and content collecting pays off.
  • The website creation stage is where all the pieces to the puzzle come together.
  • This stage can take 3-5 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of your site.

Website Presentation

Designer + Client


  • Present the final site!
  • During this phase, minor edits and design tweaks are made.
  • Client is expected to comb throught the copy to make sure the site doesn't have any typos.
  • Designer will go through the site to ensure it’s free of errors and broken links.


Designer + Client


    Your site is live and ready to share with the world.

  • Designer will move the site over to the official hosting account and remove the coming soon page.
  • Client can share your site on social media and with your email list!


Designer + Client


  • Designer will provide the client with an educational meeting on updating your WordPress website.
  • Designer will provide a supporting how-to guide for future reference.
  • If you get stuck or have questions in the future designer is available to help.

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